Rehan Ahmad
Art Director & Conceptual Artist
I am in a journey of excitement, never ending opportunities and learning every single day of life. Journey which not only make you a better person but shows you the paths to make all possible which for everyone seems impossible.
It has transformed me to a professional who is ready for next level all the time and having a will to learn every thing possible and hungry to achieve greatness.
I feel there is so much to learn, after every new achievement there is a new beginning of something big, each big things make me as a better professional and human being.
Such an energy helps me to work in my best way and motivate people around me for the betterment of life and work.
My thoughts are the doorway which leads me to achieve everything. My passion made the  impossible possible. Success as my goal with a belief that I can win it all.
I am an artist with passion to create and go beyond boundaries to achieve.
Saatchi & Saatchi: Art Director
DDB: Art Director 
Ogilvy & Memac: Art Director 
BPG Orange: Art Director 
Clear Tag: Asst Creative Director / Online Film Asst Director
Blue Ribbon: Art Director
Geometry: Art Director / Senior Designer
Open D: Art Director / Senior Designer
Living Room Communication: Art Director
BWM Naked: Graphics & Retoucher
Mind Space: Photography & Retoucher 
TBWA\RAAD: Retoucher
Tonnit: Retoucher & Photographer
Liquid: Photographer & Retoucher
AGA ADK: Retoucher
Euro RSCG: Designer / Visualizer
Be-Change: Art Director & Retoucher
Mind Space: Photographer & Retoucher

Education Diplomas
Diploma: Film Making
Diploma: Advertising Art Direction Design Techniques and Planning.
Diploma: Masterclass in Photography
Diploma: Time-Lapse Photography
Diploma: Light Technique for Videography & Photography
Diploma: Fashion Retouching 
Diploma: Commercial Designing
Diploma: E-Commerce

Bachelors: Arts and Film

Video: Editing & Motion Graphics
Copywriting: Writing Skills for Selling
Drawing: Anatomy for Figure Drawing

Art Direction, Conceptualization, Story Boards and Video Editing.
Arts & Graphics:
Art Direction, Conceptualization, Retouching, Illustrations, Graphics, Infographics.
Digital and Social:
Art Direction, Conceptualization, Video Editing, Graphics, Infographics.
Commercial, Corporate, Products.

Personal Details
Nationality: Pakistan
Residence Country: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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